Its lower part is not visible, it hides behind the front petals. 11817 views staff_illustrator15 How to Draw a Lily Step by Step. The design make up of the lily flower is beautiful, stunning, and elegant. 2. Then, extend two curved lines from each, forming an upside down "U" shape. 39317 views staff_illustrator16. How to Draw Water Lily Plant. 11. Feb, 03 2018. Lily of the Valley drawing - step 2. How to Draw a Water Lily. Step 2. How to Draw Water Lily Flower. View this Tutorial. Step 5. Step 4. How to Draw a Tiger Lily. View this Tutorial. We use guidelines to help define the size of the flower and get good placement early in the drawing. Step 7. Start with the upper one. It's almost hard to pick a lily and just throw it away after you've pulled the petals off. Signup for Free Weekly Drawing Tutorials Please enter your email address receive free weekly tutorial in your email. Using a pencil draw a circle to mark the center of the flower. Connect them at the ends. How to Draw a Water Lily. 3. A lily pad is a little unevenly round in shape, with one slit that goes all the way to its center (figure 1 below). 34417 views staff_illustrator14. Draw filament in the between of the Lily flower. Step 1. Luckily, when you "draw a lily", you can reserve the beauty within the flower by drawing, sketching, or painting these flowers to your liking. More Tutorials in Lily. Step 3. Illustrators Tutorials. When you are happy with the shape of the lily pad, draw a few little veins coming out from its center (figure 2). Start drawing the second layer. Step 1. Signup for Free Weekly Drawing Tutorials Please enter your email address receive free weekly tutorial in your email. How to Draw Lily. Time needed: 10 minutes. 35165 views staff_illustrator15. How to Draw a Stargazer Lily. Draw one or a few lily pads. Lily; Found 4 Free Lily Drawing tutorials which can be drawn using Pencil, Market, Photoshop, Illustrator just follow step by step directions. How to Draw Water Lily … It is time to erase the initial contours of the inside marks for petals. Step 4. Stem. Draw a large circle that defines the large form of the flower. Both filaments have some common point; the point is both tops got swollen. You can draw the second petal longer. Step 8. Step 7. Draw … Then add two oblong ovalish shapes on either side to start the petals. Lily has six petals. How to Draw a Water Lily. View this Tutorial. Move on to drawing the lilies stem and pointed leaves of varying size and quantity. How to Draw Water Lily Plant. Step 5. Step 4. Draw the complex structure in between Lily flower. Draw a shorter curved line at each end of the "U," angling inward. Feb, 03 2018. Step 6. Step 5. Draw two sets of of narrowly spaced, curved, parallel lines from one side of the stem. Make the last one a slightly curved to the left. Our flower’s ready. Now draw the contours of lily petals. TOP. Step 3. Finally, connect these using a curved "V" shaped line. Step 2. Step 1: Shape the lily pad. Now, out of the two flowers that I submitted, the lily is probably the more interesting. More Tutorials in Lily. Now we'll add even more detail to the final contours of each petal. Feb, 24 2016. How to Draw Lillies. Draw a line in the between of the flower base. TOP. How to Draw Lily Pad. Step by step instructions to draw a lily . Again draw a smaller line which also originates from the flower base. Step 6. How to Draw Water Lily Flower. I tried drawing the most beautiful blooms of the world, and because of that, I want to teach all you avid artists out there, “how to draw lilies”, step by step.